How can I avail of TCS services?

You may email us at terracieloserves@yahoo.com or you may fill up the form provided at the “Contact Us” portion of this website. You may also call us at the following numbers: 632-5723878 or 63927-8185838. Our representative will immediately get in touch as soon as we hear from you.

Are services transferable?

Yes, you may transfer ownership of the contract of services to anybody. You only need to fill up the required authorization form.

How do I pay?

We have made arrangements to make payment for our services easy for you. You may pay in cash or check. You may also pay through the internet via Paypal. Our Paypal account number is 7LEWZLYTFVZJ8.
If you are within Metro Manila, we can send our collector at a date and time you schedule.

What are your coverage areas?

We render services in the following areas:

We can accommodate other areas by special request. You may get in touch with us so that we can make the necessary adjustments and arrangements.

I already have a memorial plan, will I still need your services?

Yes, if you want total and absolute peace of mind. We will take care of the details not covered by your memorial plan, like arranging for lodging for out-of-town condolers, hosting the necrological service, police escort, etc. We have a long list of services that are apart but related to the services offered by the memorial service providers. Please refer to our website page under “Services”.

Can those living in other countries avail of your services?
Yes, just email us at terracieloservices@yahoo.com or click “Contact Us”. We will get in touch with you as soon as we get your message.

What if I cannot afford your services?

We have different contracts, depending on your need and your budget. If you choose a lower-priced service then decide later to upgrade, you may, as long as the difference in costs is paid.

Can I request for additional Service Representatives? How much will it cost me?

Yes, you may request for additional Service Representatives. The additional cost will depend on the length of service.

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